Yacht brokers play an important role in the charter yacht business.  We spend countless hours building relationships, visiting yachts & crews, connecting with managment companies, clearing houses and central booking agents that oversee a database of some 10,000 + of charters yachts in all areas of the world.  Using your search criteria (group size, area dates, price range) I can offer you an accurate, comprehensive list of available yachts within minutes.

Even for the most internet savvy shoppers, it is simply not possible to find the selection, availability and pricing I can offer.  The fact is only a small fraction of charter yachts advertise and manage online bookings. Charter owners & crew are too busy actually chartering and attending to their guests to be juggling "broker duties" as well.  ​The majority of yachts today prefer to utilize the services of a broker to generate charter leads, answer phone calls and emails, mediate contracts, ensure deposits are secured into escrow accounts and assist guests with an array of pre charter details. 


Honestly I'm just a nice, honest, friendly person to work with.  If that isn't enough I offer you the type of hands on experience and insight that can only come from having worked on and now owning charter yachts here in the Virgin Islands.   I have insights and knowledge of all aspects of the charter industry (Guests, Brokers, Yachts, Crews and the Islands) that combine for a great charter vacation.  

You will be in good hands.  Pinky swear.

My Name is Randeen Cayer and I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.  I relocated to the Virgin Islands to follow my gypsy dreams of living life in the land of the sun.  My partner and I own two charter yachts (Catalyst & Free Ingwe).

As my experience and knowledge of the charter Industry grew I decided to become an independent charter broker focusing specifically on chartering in the Virgin Islands. 



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